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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Younger Brother - Vaccine 2011

What is it?
This is the third album from the combo of Simon Posford (Shpongle, Hallucinogen) and Benji Vaughan (Prometheus). But this time they have teamed up with Rupert Campbell on vocals and some other guys. Was it a good idea?

Why should you listen?
If you like music that you can put on in the background, maybe when you’re busy working and you don’t want to be disturbed, then this is for you. This album is easily the biggest disappointment of the year for me musically. The first two Younger Brother albums were by no means perfect slices of bleepy techno cake but at least there were a few excellent smarties on the top. ‘Scanner’ and ‘I am a Freak’ spring immediately to mind. I was really looking forward to the new album so I bought it as soon as it came out. Full price. Sold it very soon afterwards.

What’s it like?
On the album ‘Last Days of Gravity’ there was one song called ‘Ribbon on a Branch’ and it was alright as something a bit different from the rest of the album. ‘Vaccine’ is all like that. Not many bleeps. Not many squelches. It’s all a bit too much like a standard issue pleasantly voiced band. Way too pleasant. Even after my initial disappointment, I’ve given it a fair chance. I still don’t like it. They should have released it as a different band seeing as though it is so different from what they’ve done before. It might be more doccortex’s cup of tea and lots of people in other reviews seem to like it. I’ll let the doc have a listen so there may be an update on this one.

What’s the best track?
Hard to choose one really. They’re all so bland. If pushed I’d go for ‘Shine’ but I can’t say that I’m that keen.

Who does it sound like?
Foals, The Big Pink

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