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Saturday, 14 May 2011

The Imagined Village - The Imagined Village LP 2007

What is it?
Folk music super group and mega project founded by Simon Emmerson reinterpret folk tunes of old to successfully embrace the sound of multicultural Britain.

Why should you listen?
There are just eleven songs on the album but it feels massive, like an old vinyl triple album. The whole concept works really well with ancient folk tunes reinvigorated with the best that multicultural Britain has to offer. The songs in the main feel contemporary and steer clear of finger in the ear folk crooning with all the 'superstars' making notable contributions, most notably Billy Bragg, Paul Weller and Sheila Chandra. It is Eliza Carthy who steals the show however, as she sprinkles everything she touches with magic dust and is surely the most credible and underrated artiste that Britain has ever produced. You'll remember the Imagined Village for its worthy concept, but more potently for Eliza's voice. 

What's it like?
It's like lots of folk and world music types collaborating in a huge folky love-in.

What's the best song?
"Acres of Ground" showcases Eliza Carthy's exceptional talent.

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