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Friday, 13 May 2011

Seasick Steve - Dog House Music LP 2006

Being unfamiliar with the work of Steven Gene Wold aka Seasick Steve, I decided to check him out on his Dog House Music album from 2006. It's safe to say this was not really my cup of tea. This is standard bluesy fare, however their are three positive aspects to the album.

a) Seasick Steve's voice sounds pretty similar to that of Gary in Weird Science (Check it out film fans) from the infamous bar room scene, "Ain't that the truth baby!" and the whole thing is made more enjoyable by imagining that it is Gary from Weird Science singing.

b) The talky bits allow you to brush up on your mastery of Americano lingo. For example, you can now greet your friends with a "What's up hound dog?" This has not gone down terribly well with the hound dogs I've said 'what's up' to in practice.

c) I now know what a one string diddly-bow is.


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