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Thursday, 7 July 2011

She - Coloris (2008)

What is it?
Chiptune with a more dance based feel. Accessible chiptune you could say. If there is such a thing.
Why should you listen?
I wasn’t going to review this for a while, but I got it for a birthday present and I haven’t stopped listening to it yet. Best album I’ve heard in a long time. Up there with ‘Infected Mushroom’ in terms of quality. As with all ‘She’ albums there are a few duffers, mainly the slower numbers, but the great tracks are really great. ‘Circuit Lover’ could easily be an alternative ‘Outrun’ soundtrack. ‘Gum’ with its pulsing repetitive ending is another standout track. The album even goes into funk territory with ‘Touch and Go’. As with ‘Orion’ this is an album you have to pay for, rather than as a free download from, but it is well worth it.
What’s it like?
Lain Trzaska, basically he is ‘She’, makes so many different types of dance music but they all use 8-bit chiptune sounds in some form or other. Think of C64 game music and they’re the type of sounds used. Add in effects, glitches, filters and quality production values and you get something that definitely sounds different to other music on the market.
What’s the best track?
The title track ‘Coloris’ is a monster. As soon as the opening hook comes in, it is instant love. Played very loud the pleasure does border on pain in certain sections; the helium vocal towards the end being one such instant.
Who does it sound like?
I wish it did sound like someone else really. At a push some tracks sound a bit like Todd Edwards.

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