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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Plaid - Rest Proof Clockwork LP 1999

It's hard to put into words the sounds Andy Turner and Ed Handley's electronic duo Plaid produce on Rest Proof Clockwork. It's a complex mix of experimental, drum and base, offbeat soundscapes and quirky electronica. At times the tracks are like the soundtrack to a bizarre cartoon world, others are deeper and evoke more cinematic visions, and a few are like jingles produced by Frank Zappa. It's a varied collection but all held together by a certain undeniable Plaid-ness.

Is it any good though? You've got to be in the mood for it and even then some tracks will hit the spot as others fall on stoney ground. Standouts include the spooky calm of 'Dead Sea', the laid back chill of 'Gel Lab' and the cartoon bounce-a-long of 'Dang Spot'. It's not electronic music as we know it  and it doesn't fit into a genre especially easily, but it's vibrant and challenging stuff.

Apparently, Evlkeith tells me they provided the soundtrack to the anime 'Tekkonkinkreet', so I'm going to give it a watch to check out Plaid's contribution. If you're interested, the 'Tekkonkinkreet' review is available on out sister site now, at


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