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Sunday, 18 September 2011

edIT - Crying Over Pros for No Reason 2004

What is it?
The first album by edIT, otherwise known as Edward Ma. 
Why should you listen?
This is another of those albums where if you like the first track, you’ll like all of it. In moderation. Works best when you put the odd track on your ipod.
What’s it like?
Imagine taking a hip-hop loop and repeating it for five minutes, but - and here’s the important part - make it glitch, cut it up, chop it about and generally mess about with the rhythms. That’s pretty much the whole album. Sadly, it does get quite wearing after a few tracks. If one came on when you were doing your shopping in Aldi, you’d be well happy. You may even do a little jaunty dance. Full album of it: mmm, not so sure. A modicum of variety would have been nice. They’re all the same speed. What about a speedy number? Or a slow one? Alright, forget the slow one. 
What’s the best track?
‘Ashtray’ - easily the most danceable track on there (just watch the YouTube clip for two right guys). It’s impressive how many different ways he can change the rhythms and glitch it up.
Who does it sound like?
Kraddy, Rennie Pilgrem, Ooah.

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