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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Dan - Thology 2005

What is it?
It’s a compilation of all Dan’s albums, all for less than a tenner, which is great for me because I don’t have to bother converting the original records now.
Why should you listen?
I don’t think that music like this gets made any more. Guitar, bass, stupidly fast drumming and two lovely ladies screaming. The perfect set-up. 
What’s it like?
When I bought the CD recently, I was thinking that 64 songs of pure shouting sounded fantastic (and maybe a little wearing on the ear drums), but listening to Dan now, I’m surprised by the amount of variety on offer. You get ‘Army Of Fools’, which actually contains harmonies and the drumming is a lot slower than the usual 380 bpm. There’s also the poppy(ish) ‘The Cull’, a lounge lizard intro to ‘Meltdown’ and the Ska rhythms of ‘More than life’. Dan’s bread and butter is shouting though and there’s plenty of that to go around too. It’s the perfect music to make pensioners say, “Thank goodness for that!” when it finishes. I tend to say exactly the same thing when the comedy numbers finish. A cover version of ‘If You’re Happy & You Know It’ is not funny and musically useless. Exactly like all comedy songs, in fact. 
What’s the best track?
So many to choose from... but I think I would have to plump for ‘A Dream Come True?’ It's not their fastest, but it is quite tuneful in parts. Luckily, the chorus reverts back to form with some tuneless shouting. Great stuff. The live version (also included) is faster and possibly a tad shoutier. Even greater stuff.
Who does it sound like?
Sofa Head, Inside Out, The Joyce McKinney Experience

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