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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Belle and Sebastian - Write about Love LP 2010

It used to be that a new Belle and Sebastian album was a real event, but 'The Life Pursuit' put the dampeners on things with it's lacklustre mix of styles and sense of mediocrity. On the plus side 'Write About Love' is at least partially a return to form, but don't get too giddy.

Perhaps it's because familiarity breads contempt, but unless they produce a song that's up there with the classics I'm just not interested. Let's face it, they've done the twee, wistful pop thing to death now, and all the lesser tracks just sound like 'more of the same'.

There are a couple of stonkers on the album though, and if this was any other band I'd be raving about them. 'I want the World to Stop' reminds you why we all love Belle and Sebastian; the lyrics, the harmonies, the campness, the pure sing-a-long-ability. 'Write about Love' is an equally soulful, kitchen sink drama of a song which instantly transports you into the world of Belle and Sebastian. It's basically worth buying the album for these two songs.

Where do Belle and Sebastian go from here though? I can't really see them swapping genres and re-inventing themselves. Death Metal? Trip Hop? It's difficult to see them even 'rocking things up' a bit in a similar way that REM did at one point. I'd favour a 'Style Council' offshoot with Stuart Murdoch wearing cycling gear and going all soulful on us. If they could get the actual Mick Talbot in the band with them it would be ideal. If it works, you heard it here first.

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