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Sunday, 6 November 2011

BT - These Hopeful Machines LP 2010

Nothing has moved on greatly in the world of Brian Transeau since 1999's Movement in Still Life. It's still the lush production of semi-commercial dance music with some beautiful vocals thrown in for good measure.

With only six songs however, the whole experience feels a bit 'samey'. None of the tracks stand out as particularly memorable and you are left with the feeling that time and effort went into the perfect production values and not a lot of thought went into the quality of the songs.

It's essentially a candy floss experience of lovely, dreamy music that holds your attention for about five minutes and then you need something more substantial. As far as the songs go, 'Le Nocturne de Lumiere' is possibly the pick of the bunch, but BT is consistent if nothing else and there's really not much to choose between all six.

It's one of those reviews where I have to say; if you like BT you'll like 'These Hopeful Machines' but don't expect anything different or interesting.

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