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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Songlines - Top of the World 78 Compilation 2011

The weakest of the Top of the World CD's I've received with my annual subscription to Songlines magazine, but still a wholesome treat for World music fans.

The highlights are as follows;
Various Artists - Meadows of Dan; A jaunty little jig with sweet vocals and neat fiddling.
Sondorgo - Opa Cupa; evoking images of Taraf de Haidouks with female vocals.
Khyam Allami - Tawazon 1; chilled plucking of some Eastern stringed instrument in bewitching fashion.
The Wilders - This Old Town; strangely catchy and gets lodged in your brain. Alt-Country with decent lyrics and lovely atmosphere. (See quality live video below!)
JuJu - Nightwalk; A bouncing African rock-out with fiddles. Who could ask for more?

I'm not so keen on the guest picker's (Shlomo the beatboxer) selections, but the rest of the compilation is great. If you're into world music you seriously need a Songlines subscription - write to Santa now.

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