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Sunday, 27 November 2011

The Do - A Mouthful LP 2008

This is a French/Finnish combo indie act producing something approaching a slightly quirkier and better version of the Cardigans. The vocals are the key, with Olivia Merilahti warbling, squawking and crooning in a Bjork-lite style, but with purpose and a sense of indie conventions. She's the star of the show and it's strange to think that so many other average female singers with little originality to offer are above her in the pecking order.

The songs are a varied bunch with the hypnotic 'On my Shoulders' the pick of the bunch, but honourable mentions need also go out to the chugging 'At Last', the haunting 'Song for Lovers' and the bonkers raptastic classic that is 'Queen Dot Kong'.

Apparently they're big in France, which is excellent news if you are French. Perhaps they should think of entering the X-Factor if they want to make it big in Britain. I'm sure with Louie Walsh as their mentor The Do would soon be playing to packed stadiums and selling CD's by the cartload, rather than taking centre stage at Into the Valley...

Incidentally, have you ever wondered what happens to X-Factor finalists when they go out of the show? Well, I witnessed last week's evictee Sophie Habibis at the Don Valley Stadium 'After Dark' firework display singing cover versions to a disinterested crowd of firework fans. One minute you're at those film premieres and the next you're in a seedy car park in Sheffield being outshone by a Catherine wheel and a couple of Roman candles. Be careful what you wish for.

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