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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Infected Mushroom Feat. Perry Farrell - Killing Time the Remixes 2010

Remix CD's are always hard work for me as it's like listening to the same track over and over again, and to be honest, this one is no different. But if you like all things Infected Mushroom then this is a tasty little stocking filler.

There's a range of mixes at a variety of bpm's with Paul Oakenfold's lush Perfecto style mix, John '00' Fleming's percussion based workout and a bonkers but brilliant Infected Trance mix; all decent enough offerings. I've got to say, I still prefer the original album mix though, even if  it's slower, chunkier and less trance based, I just like the singalongability of the vocal.

If you're new to the Mushroom's work, I'd buy the 'Legend of the Black Shawarma' LP instead of this if I were you.

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