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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Doccortex's Festive 40 2011 (30-21)

Here's today's selections and hopefully things are hotting up a bit. Hope you enjoy 30-21 of this year's Festive 40.

30 Actress - Casanova - (Rough Trade Counter Culture 2010)
Squelchy electronic fun from an artist I know nothing about. I'm sure we'll here more from them in the future though. Sorry no video available.

29 John Grant - Jesus Hates... - (Rough Trade Counter Culture 2010)
Lyrically clever and profound John Grant's contribution to the Rough Trade compilation was also a favourite of Daughter of Doccortex too.

28 Dub Collosus - Guragigna - (Top of the World 77)
Ethiopian music with a twist from the excellent Songlines compilation.

27 Taraf de Haidouks - Cintec de Dragoste Si Joc - (Honourable Brigands LP)
I was really into this earlier in the year and semi-obsessed with the album. It's an acquired taste I guess.

26 The Wilders - This Old Town - (Top of the World 78)

Harmonic alt-country sing-a-long. Check out the live video of them performing the song at some festival.

25 The Fratellis - Shameless - (Here We Stand LP)
Unfashionable pub rock from the kings of the indie lower leagues.

24 Two Door Cinema Club - Something Good Can Work - (Tourist History LP)
Fashionable harmonic indie from the band every teenager now loves. We were there first and virtually discovered them single handedly. Not convinced at first but this one is real grower.

23 Dhol Foundation - After the Rain - (Top of the World 76)
The perfect combination of Asian drumming and Irish fiddling in an epic chunk of world music fusion.

22 50 Foot Wave - Long Painting - (50 Foot Wave LP)
Kristin Hersh turns back the clock with a bit of shouty indie folk-rock from new combo 50 Foot Wave.

21 Love Triangle - Splendid Living - (Rough Trade Counter Culture 2010)
Like some primitive early version of the Wedding Present Love Triangle provided us with one of the most memorable singles of the year.

So that's it for this evening, with a mix of classic world tunes and indie oddities. Tomorrow night it's the top 20, so we may see a few more familiar names.

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