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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Doccortex's Festive 40 2011 (20-11)


Here we go then, for the next instalment of the Festive 40. Hopefully there's something to tickle your fancy in my selections from 20-11.

20 Laura Marling - What He Wrote - (I Speak because I can LP)
Not greatly impressed by the album, but this song has really grown on me. Marling has great potential and hopefully this will come to fruition in the new album.

19 Pantha du Prince - Lay in a Shimmer - (Black Noise LP)
Glockenspiels, cowbells and people blowing over the tops of milk bottles in a tinkly-winkly, mellow techno treat.

18 Agnes Obel - Riverside - (Philharmonics LP)
Easily the most atmospheric album of the year. Agnes produces minimal compositions with beautiful piano and emotive lyrics, with 'Riverside' one of the best examples.

17 Allo Darlin - Dreaming - (Rough Trade Counter Culture 2010)
Twee indie fun with boy/girl vocalists. The most typical Rough Trade song ever!

16 Eliza Carthy - Britain is a Carpark - (Neptune LP)
What is wrong with Britain? The apathy over Eliza Carthy just baffles me. Virtually no hits on the blog but this song is a cracker.

15 Heavenly - Trophy Girlfriend - (Operation Heavenly LP)
The beginning of my trawl through the Heavenly back catalogue unearthed this gem from the queen of twee, Amelia Fletcher and her cronies from 1996.

14 Infected Mushroom - 9% - (Heat Seekers - Israeli Trance Allstars LP)
Easily the best track on the compilation. Where would the world be without a bit of Infected Mushroom? Pure quality every time.

13 Amy Macdonald - Don't tell me that it's Over - (A Curious Thing LP)
Where did Amy Macdonald spring from and why is she so popular on the blog? This really grew on me through the year and I'm looking forward to listening to some of her earlier work this year.

12 Tinariwen - Tahult In - (Imidiwan LP)
I was semi-obsessed with this track for the first half of the year. The kings of Saharan Blues just keep churning out the classics.

11 Bright Eyes - Lover I don't Have to Love - (Lifted LP)
The King of Camp-Acoustic comes up trumps again with a fantastic LP and this little ditty is the pick of the bunch. Another Daughter of Doccortex favourite too.

So that completes tonight's entertainment. See you tomorrow for that all important rundown from 10-1.


  1. Nice compilation! A couple of obscure artists I has never heard of here, but I guess that was the point ( :

    Agnes Obel, her LP made it onto my top 10 albums from 2011 list on my blog, and Laura Marling is in my top 20.

  2. The Eliza Carthy song is an absolute cracker. You're right. More people should be into her stuff. Not too many though or you couldn't review it any more. Easily the best one I've listened to so far. Still got the top ten to go though...