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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Doccortex's Festive 40 2011 (10-1)

Here it is, the moment you've all been waiting for. The all important rundown of my Festive 40 from 10-1! Hope you enjoy.

10 Sa Dingding - Girl in the Green Dress - (Harmony LP)
Beautiful Chinese electronic action from Sa Dingding. One of the big surprises of the year and one of the best LPs. Sorry this video is the best I can do.

9 Bloc Party - Positive Tension - (Silent Alarm LP)
Another surprise as I never liked the look of Bloc Party, but I really loved this album. The last minute of this song is supreme. A job hunting soundtrack.

8 Belle & Sebastian - I want the World to Stop - (Write About Love LP)
Say what you want about them, but they still know how to pen the perfect three minute pop song. The album was patchy, but this one and the title track were a reminder of how good B&S can be.

7 New Order - Dracula's Castle - (Waiting for the Siren's Call LP)
From a long forgotten album that I never knew existed, New Order finally produced a consistently brilliant LP. 'Dracula's Castle' is up there with their best, well almost.

6 Guided by Voices - Hold on Hope - (Do the Collapse LP)
This song feel like an old friend this year for a variety of reasons. Loved the whole album.

5 Panic at the Disco - That Green Gentleman - (Pretty Odd LP)
How can you not like Panic at the Disco? The whole album is brilliant and uncommercial. I could have happily picked any of the tracks for the Festive 40.

4 Leatherface - Nutcase - (The Stormy Petrel LP)
Delving into the Leatherface back catalogue unearthed a great album and two or three truly great songs. Not as good as their earlier stuff, but still good enough to go top 5.

3 Eels - Unhinged - (End Times LP)
More quality from Mark Oliver Everett, but I'm beginning to think I'm his only audience. Did very little business on the blog with the review.

2 Caitlin Rose - Own Side - (Own Side Now LP)
Sugary sweet alt-country classic. It defies you not to sing along.

1 Led er Est - Scissors - (Rough Trade Synth Wave 2010)
The surprise of the year. Mysterious, unpolished and gritty electro form a great compilation. Hopefully an annual release from Rough Trade. Really looking forward to listening to the Led er Est LP next year!

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