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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Classic Track: Television Satellite - Sophie and Peter Johnson 1986

It's hard to believe it's 25 years since Television Satellite was unleashed on the world. At the time it was just an obscure Peel track that squeaked into the Festive 50, but it was so much more mysterious than that. Synthpop was in it's infancy at the time, the internet was years away and information about indie artists was in short supply. In those days you let your imagination fill in the gaps and I only had the song and their two names to go on.

To me, Sophie and Peter Johnson sounded like a geeky brother who had learned to play synthersizer in his bedroom, with sister Sophie a stylish, prim and proper, girl next door type who worked in a library, enjoyed science fiction and spoke with a lisp. The video below is the first time I've ever seen them and I don't think I was too far away, admittedly they look like they're sponsored by Primark, but that was cool in the 80's. It's hard to verify the lisp or the library from the video. The song is an absolute cracker by the way!

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