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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Evlkeith's Festive 50 - 10 to 1

Strap yourself in for the final ten in this year's Festive 50. It could be a bumpy ride.

10. Placebo - Pitchfork - Eucalyptus
When I found out that John Rice/Reece and Rick Froberg had collaborated in another group, I was a bit giddy. The album’s okay, but this song’s a cracker. It’s surprisingly tuneful for a Rick Froberg number.

9. Run - Obits - I Blame You
I so giddy again, when I discovered that Rick Froberg (Pitchfork, Drive Like Jehu, Hot Snakes) had a new popular music combo. It’s a shame then, that my favourite track is the only one he doesn’t sing. Not quite sure who does sing it, but it’s great. The guitar solo as the music kicks back in, is subtle, but meaty.

8. Aspirina - Noção de Nada - Sem Gelo
Brazilian hardcore rockers produce the goods yet again with a strangely sing-a-long number. If you’re Brazilian. Clocking in at 2:13 you don’t get bored either. One of the best starts to a song this year.

7. Wretched World - Converge - Axe To Fall
It’s strange, that on an album of fast screamy shouty numbers, I’d go for a slow one like this. I couldn’t cope with a full album of slowness, but variety is the spice of life. Play very loud for maximum effect, especially as it builds towards the end. This one has really grown on me.

6. Higher Love (Slipmatt Remix) - J.D.’s - Best Of Bonkers
I bought this album because there were 60 odd tracks for £2. How can you go wrong? Quite badly actually. £2 for one great track isn’t quite as appealing. This is worth it though. The main vocal line is cracking. Plus you get a stupid fast housey piano.

5. Sex Jam Two: Insect Incest - Milemarker - Frigid Forms Sell
Milemarker was one of my happy findings from trawling through the free downloads on last year, so I decided to take the plunge and buy a full album. Mmm. Not that great. But this song is a corker. Relatively unshouty until two and a half minutes in, and then it all kicks off. Brilliant. Plus there’s a sweaty gentleman and lady on the front cover.

4. Coloris - she - Coloris
A fantastic track from a fantastic album. This is the first album by she that you have to pay for, but it is well worth the money. Based on other stuff I’ve paid good money for (cough * Younger brother * cough) I’d pay way more for this. Quality chiptune for the masses.

3. This Is Not The End - Renton - TAKE-OFF
Free download from Very slightly like The Smiths, except from Poland, this one sounds like it could have hailed from the 80s rather than 2008. You find yourself singing the chorus occasionally and the final repetition has a fair bit of energy to it.

2. Atomic - she - Orion
Narrowly missing out on the top spot and I thought that this would be number one for ages. When I first heard it, I wished that I could hear it properly without all of the cutting out action. Now, I want more of the cutty, glitchy business. One of the best uses of an inhalation too.

1. Make Me Real - she - Make Me Real - Single
And so to my number one for 2011. I’ve listened to this track so many times since I downloaded it. Gorgeous breathy vocals with beautiful lyrics, the song builds and builds to a cracking bit of power chord action along with the final partial chorus. This song never fails to have an effect on me and amazingly it’s free! You can support she by buying the two full price albums, ‘Coloris’ and ‘Orion’. They’re both well worth it.

So, 2011 has definitely been the year of she. A veritable hidden gem found amidst the general low quality products that constitute the free downloads. There’s a new album next year, supposedly. I'm really looking forward to that. All that remains to say, is put on your smoking jacket, enjoy a glass of port and have a Happy New Year.


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