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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Evlkeith's Festive 50 - 20 to 11

Only two posts left now. It's getting vaguely exciting. Or not. Depending on your perspective. Let's start with number 20 then.

20. Meccamputechture - The Mars Volta - Amputechture
Cracking start to this song. You then have to wait another nine minutes for the main hook to come back. When it does come back, it’s worth the wait. Typical Mars Volta. The little tinkers.
You tube ‘The Mars Volta - Meccamputechture’ Second one, black with white and grey writing.

19. Scottish Windows - Buffalo Tom - Smitten
Another one from Buffalo Tom, just a different album this time. I’ve got all their other albums and then I saw this one to buy that I’d somehow missed. Same as all the others really, but if you like Buffalo Tom, you’ll like it. Gentle and sing-a-long for a change.

18. Tommy - Portugal. The Man - Waiter: “You Vultures!”
A lovely song from those punctuation lovers Portugal. The Man. I wasn’t that hopeful for this album when I bought it, but it really grew on me. The whole album is not too shabby. I love the part in this track where the main guitar comes back in just before the chorus.

17. Nintendokore - Sabrepulse - Nintendokore EP
Premium quality proper chiptune from Sabrepulse. Fairly insane drumming and an intense ending all add up to a cracking track. If you like chiptune.

16. Knee-Deep In The North Sea - Portico Quartet - Knee-Deep In The North Sea
Wait a minute while I put my polo neck on. Right, sorted. I feel in the mood for someone tooting a saxophone over someone else playing steel drums (allegedly a ‘hang’, steel drum more like). The experimental jazz sections of Mars Volta’s stuff prepares you for this track. Surprisingly good. If you want to listen to the whole album though, you really need a London dockside apartment. And a beard.

15. Faux Show (Shimmy Shimmy Ya Remix) - Kraddy - Truth Has No Path
Most people would probably disagree with the ‘That’s a fun sound’ quote from the start of the track. Most people would say, ‘That’s a really irritating sound’. I like it though. It’s definitely a track that requires some pimp hand movements. If you feel the need.

14. Straight American Slave - Rocket From The Crypt - Group Sounds
Similar to Buffalo Tom in that, if you like one album, you’ll like them all. Distorted guitars, horn section, gravel voiced shouty fellow John Rice/Reese, a recipe for success every time. 

13. Lucky Horses - The Wheels Of Sorrow - Cycle
Free download from Gatecrashing the party at the last minute come The Wheels Of Sorrow from Russia. It is quite catchy, so I’m wary of placing it too high; it hasn’t proved itself over time yet. They’ve only done four tracks sadly. Would love to hear more by these cheery characters.

12. Trajes E Comportamentos - Noção de Nada - Trajes e Comportamentos de Acordo com os Eventos e as Ocasiões
From the longest album title in the Festive 50 (I’m not quite sure what that now rules out) comes a track from our favourite Brazilian rockers, Noção de Nada. Quality start and a quality rock ending all combine to make a half decent song. 

11. Project 100 - Infected Mushroom - Legend Of The Black Shawarma
You’re always guaranteed quality produce from Infected Mushroom and this album is no exception. I initially was oblivious to this track. It just washed over me. Then I bought some new speakers and listened to this track as part of a test. Played loud on good speakers, it’s a revelation. The highlight is actually a small section of pure silence at 6:44. Brilliant stuff.

And sadly, that's your lot. You'll have to wait until tomorrow night for the final instalment. See you then.


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