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Monday, 12 December 2011

Various - Logical Progression Level 2 1996

What is it?
This is is a 2-disc Drum ‘n’ Bass affair from a variety of artists: Disc 1 is mixed by Blame with vocals added by MC Conrad and DRS, Disc 2 is different tracks, unmixed with no added extras.
Why should you listen?
I had this in my Walkman (it was 1996) for a full year and I listened to it every day on my way to work. I still listen to it from time to time and it’s still great. One of my top albums of all time. 
What’s it like?
If you like a bit of Drum ‘n’ Bass, then you’ll probably enjoy this. I’m going to mainly review Disc 1, as Disc 2 isn’t that great (apart from the excellent ‘Atlantis (I Need You)’ by LTJ Bukem). On my iTunes ratings the highest any of the tracks get is 3/5, but I can’t say I ever just listen to any individual track. Listened to as a whole, the album shines. It all gets off to a good start with ‘Visions of Mars’ by Blame himself. You get a variety of styles in the middle - all tied together by a clean, melodic sound - that slowly builds to Blu Mar Ten’s ‘Global Access’. The drums and bass drop out leaving you with some swirly pads and my favourite vocal passage of the album. Everything then kicks back in with Blame’s ‘Cuban Lynx’. I can’t overstate the difference that the vocals make to this album, without them it would be distinctly average.
What’s the best track?
From the two discs it would have to be the aforementioned ‘Atlantis (I Need You)’. A premium quality hook at the start that disappears for vast swathes of time in the middle, before punching back in. If you’ve got the time though (roughly an hour), it would have to be the whole of Disc 1.
Who does it sound like?
Because this is by various artists, I’ll just list a few of the artists included: Odyssey, Artemis, Intense and Tayla.

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