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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

29. The Beatmasters featuring the Cookie Crew - Rok da House

If Vince Clarke created the template for house music and Farley Jackmaster Funk turned the vision into reality, then it was the Beatmasters that finally convinced us that this was the future. At the time it was impossible to get your hands on, or even hear any house music, and I'd begun to believe the whole thing was some fantasy created by the NME. My entire house collection at the time consisted of Daryl Pandy, Steve Silk Hurley and perhaps Abel Ramos, all taped from the radio; and initially I wasn't convinced.

Enter the Beatmasters featuring the Cookie Crew and suddenly I was convinced. The track fused hip-hop with an infectious house rhythm and then threw in the best piano sample in the history of music. The rest is history as house music went mainstream, turned into Acid House and then reverted back into commercial dance music. I doubt the Beatmasters have ever got any credit for this before, but they thoroughly deserve that all important number 29 spot.

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