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Monday, 20 February 2012

30. Larry Williams and Johnny Watson - Too Late

An all time northern soul classic and a song that I never get tired of hearing for a variety of reasons. For starters, Larry and Johnny go for the slightly 'sweet and sour' voice combination that works like a cheese and jam sandwich, with Larry's sugary sweet vocal contrasted perfectly by Johnny's rasping whine. The lyrics and conversational style of the song provides a unique piece of philosophical magic, although you've got to wince a little at the sexual politics on show. However, who can argue that 'you don't need no woman to help you starve to death' or 'you've gotta find a girl that will treat you right and give you plenty of loving every night.' It's like the Postal Service song but with all sense of political correctness obliterated. The absolute kicker, that turns the song from brilliant to absolute classic, is the generic northern soul 'Huh!' about eight seconds into the record. I defy you not do you own 'Huh!' as you listen along.

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