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Sunday, 19 February 2012

31. Postal Service - Nothing Better

The postal service are a combination of Ben Gibbard from Death Cab for Cutie, who I like a lot, and Jimmy Tamborello from Dntel, who I should like, but don't. The whole project was an indie/electronic crossover which sounds like a really bad idea, but produced one of my favourite albums of the last twenty years.

Ben Gibbard is undeniably a genius, but sometimes gets a bit bogged down and self indulgent in the guise of Death Cab; just listen to Transatlanticism if you have any doubts. In the Postal Service, however he seemed freer, more direct and able to show a camper, quirkier side.

The whole 'Give Up' album is worth inclusion, but I eventually plumped for the all out campfest that is 'Nothing Better'. It manages to be brilliant, poignant and a bit embarrassing all at the same time. The home made videos on Youtube are truly cringe-worthy and best avoided.

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