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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

34. Infected Mushroom - I Wish

The Infected Mushrooms assume near legendary status for myself and Evlkeith. The Israeli techno duo produce the most perfect brand of psy-trance, but they bring so much more to the table than that. They experiment with tempo, song structure, they add vocals, sometimes there's a bit of rapping, now and then they go classical and once they even went ragtime.

No other techno producer sounds so good in terms of sound quality on your speakers. They must have invested in some serious equipment over the years and every album seems to be better than the last. I'm already giddy at the prospect of a new album in 2012.

On 'I Wish' they go a bit euro-pop, but I can't help loving the vocals. The accent gets me every time and the little clicks, sighs and gulps on the backing track just add to the whole experience. I could literally have picked any of about twenty of the Mushroom's tracks they have so much in their locker. If you've never heard them before, go out and buy one of their albums immediately.

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