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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

36. Dave Clarke - Red 1 - 1994

Dave Clarke's individual take on techno has always been a refreshing and entertaining alternative to the boring repetitive beats syndrome. The self styled 'Baron of Techno' brought personality into the genre and I still listen to an old interview tape of him talking to John Peel about about his musical influences and life in general. Dave seemed like a really interesting, if a bit geeky, kind of guy; he grew up doing nerdy experiments with cassette recorders, he liked early hip-hop, travel and Iggy Pop. There's no wonder he produced his own idiosyncratic form of techno really.

Red 1 is a mini-classic that sounded much more extreme when it was first released. It's still an edgy, moody piece of music with lovely clicky bits and sections where it all seems to go into reverse. It even has a proper and brilliant ending which for a techno track is unusual and a bit radical.

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