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Saturday, 11 February 2012

39. Yazoo - Nobody's Diary -1983

Although largely forgotten, Yazoo's influence on the world of music cannot be over-stated. Alison Moyet and Vince Clarke are now minor legends, but back in the early eighties this was a completely new type of music. Vince who had previously almost single handedly invented synth-pop with Depeche Mode, then went on to form this seminal duo to move the whole genre forward.

Yazoo created the template for house music, techno and synth-pop. Vince Clarke influenced virtually every dance and techno producer and Alison apparently influenced Adele. In addition, they also produced two near perfect albums of punchy electro-soul which stand the test of time even in this day and age.

'Nobody's Diary' is another unoriginal selection, but it just about sums up Yazoo: beautiful vocals, the trademark Vince Clarke synthesiser and perfect pop hooks. If you don't own them already go out and buy 'Upstairs at Eric's' and 'You and Me Both' immediately.

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