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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

42. Huggy Bear - Her Jazz

In the early nineties Huggy Bear staged one of the briefest revolutions in the history of popular music. The whole Riot Grrrl and Boy/Girl Revolutionaries thing seemed to last about a fortnight and then everything went back to normal. To be fair to the band, they did a cracking job of stirring things up a bit and always refused to sign for a major label, preferring instead to remain with Wiiija.

The upshot of all this was the 1993 single 'Her Jazz'. A song that I've never really got out of my head since the very first moment I heard it and undeniably the last truly great punk rock record. Huggy Bear shouted, stamped and stormed their way through the number with a belief that overwhelmed any perceived lack of talent or musicality, and all bands today could learn a lot from them. One of the best endings to a song ever as well...Her Jazz signals our time now!

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