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Monday, 6 February 2012

44. Lush - Hypocrite - 1994

I started liking Lush because of the arty 4AD covers of their records. Initially the music wasn't great in a shoe-gazing down Camden market kind of way. About the time of the album Split however, Lush came very good indeed and produced some of the standout tracks of the nineties.

I really love the slightly out of kilter harmonising between Miki and Emma. It sounds initially like it shouldn't work, but manages to sound sugary sweet after repeated listens. 'Hypocrite' showcases everything great about Lush with clashing guitars, beautiful harmonies and heartfelt lyrics.

I once went to stay with a friend in London who took me to the pub where allegedly Lush went drinking. On the night we went they obviously weren't there, but apparently we'd just missed Terry Scott's granddaughter. As is usually the case with these tales, we ended up slightly worse for wear in a Spanish bar watching and aged Flamenco dancer instead.

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