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Saturday, 4 February 2012

46. Elastica - Waking Up - 1995

It remains a mystery to me how Elastica were allowed to almost 'fizzle out' after one brilliant album and Blur keep on churning out rubbish in a variety of forms to this day. Elastica went on to make the lacklustre 'The Menace' and that was the last we heard of them, meanwhile Albarn and his cronies have not only continued the catchy cockernee-ness of Blur, but also peddled those cartoon Gorilla things, opera(!) and their own brand of cheese. It's just not fair.

It seems that Justine Frischmann will be forever remembered as Albarn's girlfriend; like some Brit Pop off-shoot from her more talented better half. This says it all about Britain really. And the sad thing is Elastica were so much better and more talented than Blur it's unbelievable that the masses have been led to accept the opposite.

Elastica made one a truly great album. Admittedly, it was heavily influenced by the Stranglers and Wire, but a great album nonetheless. It combined pop, punk and indie in a down to Earth package of grimy, bed-sit bravado. Needless to say Elastica get the last laugh with 'Waking Up' named in my all time fifty and Blur nowhere to be seen: not so cocky now Albarn?

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