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Saturday, 21 April 2012

A Year of Into the Valley of the Obscure

It's exactly one year since we launched Into the Valley of the Obscure and it's been a hectic but exciting first year in the blogosphere. We've written 184 posts from the really obscure to the household names and attracted the grand total of two members. A big thank you to both our fans.

But what have been the highlights of the year at Into the Valley? Here are the top five moments in the high octane world of blogging.

1. David Gedge from the Wedding Present following us on Twitter. Sadly he hasn't left a comment as yet, but in my heart I know he's an avid reader.

2, Reading my favourite blogs to discover new music, films and books. Take a bow; Obscurendure, Movies and Songs 365, Have You Met Heather, The Vinyl Villain and Aurgasm.

3. The launch of our offshoot blog; The Obscure World where we review books, beer, games and cereal bars. It's destined to be huge. If you are new to the world of cereal bars then you should become a member immediately.

4, The League of Quirky Singers our flagship post went ballistic (well ballistic for us anyway) and achieved of top 3 ranking on Google. It's our number 1 page view provider.

5. Reading and listening to Into the Valley and Obscurendure myself. Listening to the songs, remembering the times associated with each review, laughing at our own jokes and generally using it like some multimedia diary. I really couldn't care less if no-one else reads, with the exception of Chris, Evlkeith and possibly the Garrats.

Let's hope next year is as much fun and just as successful. And keep reading this weekend for the X-Ray Specx Anthology review and some lovely quotes!


  1. Happy Birthday Into the Valley!

  2. Congrats on posting for a year! Thanks for the mention, though my blog name is actually "movies and songs 365" (-;
    I shall drop by "The Obscure World" and see what books you are reading.

    To attract more readers/comments, there are plenty of how-to guides on the web for movie or music blogs, if you care. These articles may seem a little overwhelming at first, though they are very helpful:

  3. Thanks Chris, sorry for getting the name wrong - changed already. I'll check out the sites and see if I cann entice more members.