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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Mesh - In This Place Forever LP (1996)

One of the Mesh back catalogue I've been attempting to track down at a reasonable price since hearing their most recent album a couple of years ago. In comparison to 'A Perfect Solution' however, this is a tad disappointing, but that's possibly because I had such high expectations. This is still a high quality, hard edged electro-pop album with a couple of classic sing-a-long tracks.

You can easily see how Mesh used their earlier albums as a stepping stone to perfect their sound and ultimately produce a near flawless album in 'Perfect Solution', but that's not to say this isn't a decent album in its own right. All the elements are here; the pulsing synth driven rhythms, the passionate deadpan vocals and the silky production skills, but it's just not quite the finished article. For some reason it also sounds a very British album where latter releases have had a distinctly German feel about them.

The pick of the tracks are the minimal trance vibe of 'Last Breath of You', the anthemic charm of 'I Don't Think They Know' and best of all, the apocryphal, multi-layered genius of 'You Didn't Want Me.' I can do with out the more industrial numbers, but the techno interludes are quite refreshing.

If you fancy a bit of Mesh for the first time, I'd advise starting with 'A Perfect Solution', but for the converted, this is well worth a listen if it's not too expensive.


  1. Love that song, similar to Depeche Mode whom I am a fan of. Going to check their other material.

  2. I'd definitely go with 'A Perfect Solution' as an excellent satrting point. In some ways it's simililar to Depeche Mode, but in others it's a lot better in my opinion.