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Sunday, 1 April 2012

The Milkshakes - Exactly Like You

As soon as I got my first combined radio cassette I was eager to tape some music from the radio. Previously I'd made recordings using a standard radio with a cassette tape recorder propped up next to the speaker, but this always produced understandably disappointing results. The new-fangled machine facilitated the recording of a much more professional standard and the first results were treated with a kind of reverence by myself and Evlkeith not seen again until video was invented some years later.

The results of these fledgling recordings were collected onto a C90 known only as the legendary 'Farm Crazy Tape' and included the likes of Rip, Rig and Panic, B-Movie, 3-D A Fish in Sea and obviously The Farm. Tucked into this hall of fame were two songs by the Milkshakes that until now I had never managed to track down. 'Exactly Like You' sounds just as good now as it did then in a down and dirty, beat combo kind of way and at just over two minutes doesn't outstay it's welcome. Even though I've listened to it hundreds of times I'd never heard the last 15 seconds as an itchy trigger finger on record and play meant that a Dexy's song cut in on the tape and obliterated the ending. I'll work hard to get my hands on a copy of 'Fourteen Rhythm and Beat Greats' as I'm sure they have much more to offer.

Any additional Milkshake information gratefully received.

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  1. And just as some films are better on VHS, (The Beyond in Grain-o-vision is far more disturbing) some songs are better on tape. I'd forgotten about this song but it is quite a pleasant little ditty. A good find.