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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Nu:Tone - Words and Pictures 2011

I bought this purely on the strength of the cover and the title. What could go wrong? Luckily, nothing.

'Words and Pictures' is gentle Drum and Bass that pretty much anyone would like. It's one of the things that I listen to at work that people find bearable. It's not exactly mainstream, but it's all quite pleasant and inoffensive.

4hero collaborated on the track 'Invisible' and it sounds exactly like 4hero, funnily enough, which is not a bad thing. But the best track is easily 'The Feeling', featuring the smooth Ben Westbeech, which is great to run to (if you're a runner). There's only one track that I give the flick and that's 'The First Time Ever'. A bit of a dirge. And no, it's not a collaboration with PJ Harvey.

'Words and Pictures' is similar in style to Blame but is not as accessible as his recent work. (I bought 'Music' by Blame this year, thinking that I'd review it for you, dear reader. Then I read that it had had some commercial success. That was that plan scuppered.) Give 'Words and Pictures' a listen if you've never listened to Drum and Bass before. It is a lovely gentle introduction.



  1. Weirdly likeable. The cover just screams 'buy me' no matter what genre of music it is.

  2. After seeing the cover I think I only listened to about 5 seconds of it, then bought it. I wonder if I dare buy an album based only on the cover... I'll let you know.