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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Hot Water Music - The New What Next LP

What is it?
Generic hardcore straight out of Gainesville, Florida from streetwise veterans Hot Water Music who are apparently suitably proud of their rhythm section.

Why should you listen?
I have a plan to retire to Florida. It's warm, caters for an aging population and in a novel take on the survival of the fittest, has lots of alligators. Once I'm past my sell by date there will be no hanging around for me, as soon as I can't outpace an alligator I'm out of here, or rather inside the gator. Hot Water Music are sadly nowhere near their sell by date, but with no new material since this LP it's all looking a bit bleak, unless anyone knows differently? This is solid, quality hardcore, but never quite lives up to the billing that 'they once made half an album with Leatherface.' But then again who could?

What's it like?

It's like sandpapering your tonsils in a not altogether unpleasant way.

What's the best song?

"My Little Monkey Wrench" is barnstorming and sounds the least like the Clash of this selection.

Who does it sound like?
The odd rubbish song sounds like the Clash, but if you like the Clash that could be a good thing. The rest sound a little Leatherfacish, which can only be a good thing.

1 comment:

  1. The monkey wrench song is cracking. Quite hard to sing though (without dropping an octave or straining your voice).