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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Owl Eyes - Faces

Pick of the Week (1) - Owl Eyes

I now have a comprehensive playlist set up on You Tube of promising new artists that I listen to when I'm working rather than the radio. In the first of a new series I'm selecting my current favourite from this playlist each week. I know relatively little about these artists, but they may prove to be the obscure stars of the future. To kick the series off, this is a subtle little offering from Owl Eyes, Australian singer songwriter Brooke Addamo. It looks nothing special and she has no great back catalogue, but I found it stuck in my head for several days and had no idea what it was. Give it a chance; it's actually a cracker in a similar vein to A Fine Frenzy.


  1. I like this find, pretty catchy tune! going to add this track to my top songs of 2010, thanks mate.
    She has a smooth voice ala Lene Marlin, do you know her?

  2. Not aware of Lene Marlin, but I'll check her out thanks. Glad you liked a bit of Owl Eyes.