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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Serious Drinking - The Revolution Starts at Closing Time

It was about time they put together a comprehensive anthology style CD of Serious Drinking's blistering brand of punk-ska-pop. Regular readers will know I'm a massive fan, with 'Love on the Terraces' recently topping my fifty favourite tracks of all time, so there's no surprise in revealing that I loved this combination of two classic LP's and bonus tracks.

Having said that, there's not much here that you won't have already on vinyl if you're a fan and the sprawling nature of this type of reissue tends to dilute the impact of the standout tracks. But if you are new to the band this is an excellent place to start, while avoiding scouring local charity shops to find the original vinyl versions.

Ignore the frills and bonuses and the compilation provides you with at least ten pieces of timeless quality that perfectly represent the atmosphere in the early eighties. All the big guns are represented with 'Hangover', 'Don't Shoot Me Down' and 'Winter's Over' some of my personal highlights.

And remember parents, next time your daughter takes an away day, she could be going away forever to a land a land of sex and drugs, punk rock and squatting!

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