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Monday, 21 May 2012

Top 20 Eurovision Entries (20-16)

Top Twenty Eurovision Entries of the Century (Part 1)

It's Eurovision this Saturday, so time to get all camp, cheesy and in my case, giddy. To celebrate I've put together the top twenty Eurovision entries since we moved into a new millennium. They may not have actually achieved greatness in the competition but they are my personal favourites from the last twelve years. This may well prove to much for inexperienced readers, so I've kindly chunked them into groups of five for posting over the next week. So brace yourself for excruciating ballads, grown men skipping about in national costumes (frocks to you and me) and a whole host of other Eurovision based mayhem. Here's hoping you enjoy the countdown from 20 to 16.

20. Claudia Beni (Croatia) 2003
A great song but ultimately let down by a dodgy performance. A classic example of the awkward dance routine in an attempt to deflect attention from a wooden singer. Nice pink trousers on the backing singers though.

19. Evridiki (Cyprus) 2007
Perennial also-rans Cyprus came up trumps in 2007 with this glam-rock meets space-witch combination. The band look suitably uncomfortable in their alternative Placebo style getup and the singer clearly needed ear surgery to complete the evil 'gelfling' look; it's essential the ears stick through the hair.

18. Serebro (Russia) 2007
Russia always understands that sex sells in Eurovision, and hit the nail on the head in 2007 with their three vocalists looking like a combination of Allo Allo style waitresses and naughty nuns. The song is a catchy Britney style romp and the lead singer has an engaging gap-toothed grin. The only drawback is the Jacko style dance routine in the official video, thankfully they didn't attempt it in the actual performance.

17. Sertab Erener (Turkey) 2003
A Eurovision classic and eventual competition winner, but an absolute disaster in betting terms for the Doccortex bank account. I really didn't rate the song, but the performance and the tricky 'cat's cradle' dance routine on the night won over the public a relegated my Spanish selection into obscurity. With hindsight I can appreciate a worthy winner.

16. Mija Martina (Bosnia & Herzegovina) 2003
A proper Kareoke style sing-a-long number from 2003. Bosnia & Herzegovina always turn out competitive entries and this is the pick of the bunch from the last decade. A strange but stylish string frock as well; a treat for fashion fans.

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  1. I'm really not sure that I can stomach listening to this... I think I'll have to psych myself up. Maybe at the weekend. Possibly.