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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Top 20 Eurovision Entries (15-11)

15. Marie N (Latvia) 2002
Another competition winner and a performance that looks like it comes from a bygone age rather than 2002. With all that lacklustre dancing and substandard choreography it's a good job they pulled it round with a Bucks Fizz style strip/costume change. Slick, but not a patch on Cheryl Baker.

14. Kabat (Czech Republic) 2007
Proof again that it's never a good idea to stray too far away from cheese-centred pop ballads or candy floss flavoured frivolity in Europe's biggest song contest. The Czech's went for a growly, grungy rock number and didn't even make the final! A travesty of justice, but I blame the denim. Jeans are never a good look, but in Eurovision it's a fashion disaster too far.

13. Ruslana (Ukraine) 2004
Much thigh slapping, leather outfits, ten feet high flames and shouting 'Hey!' at full volume. It had winner written all over it the minute you saw the cheeky, jiggy little dance a it duly won the whole competition at a canter. One of the few examples of Xena Warrior Princess inspired pop music that actually succeeded. Perhaps a couple of guys in ferret costumes could have completed the Beastmaster look, but that's just me being picky.

12. Maria Haukaas Storeng (Norway) 2008
Navy blue has always been one of my favourite colours and Maria looks great in that fitted, sensible frock, especially with those co-ordinated backing singers. She can actually sing and this would have been a world wide hit if Christina Aguilera had released it. As it happened it only came 5th.

11. Verka Serduchka (Ukraine) 2007
Not just the campest song in the chart, but possibly the campest thing in the whole world ever! It's all a bit disturbing really, however easily some of the best dancing and costumes ever seen in Eurovison. And hats off to Ukraine, that's two songs in my top 20 already.

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