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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Top 20 Eurovision Entries (10-6)

10. Beth (Spain) 2003
Never have I been so sure a song would win than Beth's Spanish entry in 2003. As it happens it came nowhere and I lost loads of money. It's a barnstorming, latin euro-pop stormer, but perhaps Beth could have eaten a couple of steak and kidney puddings before her performance to put some meat on her bones. Putting the backing dancers in Spanish national costume or perhaps thigh-slapping leather gear may also have helped.

9. Mihai Trăistariu (Romania) 2006It's always good to have little guy belting out a lung busting euro-trance disco number. Mihai's ordinariness was eclipsed by the astonishingly bad costumes (and dancing) of his backing crew. As with Spain at number 10 the golden rule is put them in national costume or leather gear.

8. Sieneke (Netherlands) 2010
And they say the Netherlands doesn't have a drugs problem. The old toy costumes don't quite cut it as the weird drummer and his lady friend are just too static. They are disturbing, but get them skipping about in demented fashion and this would be enough to give you nightmares. The singer and her song look and sound like they've escaped from the seventies, but it's still oddly addictive.

7. Marija Šerifović (Serbia) 2007
A competition winner and a massive financial victory for the Doccortex coffers. Ballads rarely win Eurovision, so if you enter one, make sure it's a lung-bursting, anthemic classic like 'Molitva'. It's difficult to say what's going on in the performance. Is that the Serbian national costume the backing singers are wearing? Nice glasses on Marija though.

6. Lena (Germany) 2010
Who said Germany couldn't win the competition? It just goes to show that if you enter a quality song you can win Eurovison whatever your country's popularity in Europe. It's something quite clearly overlooked in the UK. Lena has an unusual but lovely Irish/German crossover accent, a distinctive voice and a cracking song. She also performed for Germany with great credit last year.

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