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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Top 20 Eurovision Entries (5-1)

5. Gerli Padar (Estonia) 2007
Another great song sung by a talented singer. To win Eurovison however, it takes a twist or a gimic. Smart dancers in cravats and braces were just never going to be enough for Estonia's 2007 entry. If they'd theatrically removed her suit to reveal a Xena Warrior Princess outfit underneath, this would have walked it.

4. Ani Lorak (Ukraine) 2008
The Ukraine do the business once again with 2008's up-tempo, hi-octane piece of power pop. Slick performance, classy costume and sparkly earrings combine to form the perfect counter balance to Ani's thunderous vocal talents.

3. Hora Din Moldova (Moldova) 2009
The ultimate Eurovision formula for success can be expressed as: Attractive singer + booming voice + short skirt + boots + traditionally clad kossak style dancers = sure-fire winner. It didn't quite work out for Moldova, but this is an all time classic piece of Eurovison fun from one of my favourite nations. The Kossaks are a particularly camp bunch in this case and are especially fleet of foot and skippy. Fashion fans should also note the purple hue of the boots, the beautiful ginger hair and the added bonus of a traditional costume on the singer herself.

2. Laura (Finland) 2002
Androgynous Scandinavian action from Finland is rarely a bad thing and Laura belted out one of the greatest songs to grace Eurovision. Possibly the best composition to not win the competition and the blame lies firmly at the feet of whoever 'designed' the costumes for the backing singers. The sleeveless T-shirt and jeans look is the worst case scenario. And again 2002 looks like it was filmed in 1980's-o-vision.

1. Tina Karol (Ukraine) 2006
Unsurprisingly it's Tina Karol at number one. Not just a great Eurovision performance but a great performance in any context (see All Time 50 Greatest Tracks). This is the textbook execution of the Eurovision success formula (see Moldova at number 3), but with the added bonus of an accent as thick and sexy as condensed liquid PVC, a cheeky wink and a lung busting finale. Ukraine must be crowned unofficial Eurovision champions with four entries in my chart of the decade and they are definitely the model the UK should aspire to. As close to perfection as Eurovision gets.

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