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Monday, 9 July 2012

Angus and Julia Stone – For You

Pick of the Week 9 – Angus and Julia Stone – For You

Sydney based brother and sister combo, Angus and Julia Stone are an awe inspiring combination of acoustic folkiness laced with a splash of something dark and enticing. They make music that is both harmonic and bitter sweet, with ‘For You’ a typically stirring example of their art. Julia’s voice has that sweet and sour quality that I really love. It’s not unlike the vocal equivalent of that northern delicacy, the cheese and jam sandwich, with Ms. Stone combining an unctuous, honey sweetness with just an inkling that she may actually be a witch, (in a good way as always.) I’m beginning to think that Australia is an untapped reservoir of quality music with so many great artists almost unknown in Britain. I’ll be checking out their latest album shortly, but for now enjoy the transient beauty of ‘For You’.

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  1. I actually know these two and I like their music - I've managed to have prior knowledge about a band before I went into the Valley - yippee!