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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Led Er Est - Dust on Common

The makers of my favourite song of 2011 are unfortunately not German in the least and base themselves in the heart of New York city. To be honest, it's an easy mistake to make as they sound distinctly East German 'Cold Wave', but with a fresh modern twist that sets them apart from the standard synth revivalists. The fact that they're not a bunch of leather trousered, moustachioed Europeans with a couple of androgynous backing singers with copious amounts of armpit hair doesn't make me like them any less. It just makes the whole thing a slightly less attractive proposition.

The album is so much more than the standout track; 'Scissors', but the song is still their benchmark offering. It all sounds very eighties, with a Kraftwerk meets Joy Division meets John Foxx vibe that is not altogether wholesome, but would fit snuggly into some seedy New York underground club. In a world where drum machines, dead pan vocals and minimal techno are the height of fashion this would be a number one album, unfortunately we don't live in that world.

As stated earlier 'Scissors' says it all about the band; dark, atmospheric, hypnotic, but at the same time possessing a sing-a-long element, although I doubt it's high up the list for most Karaoke fans. 'Port Isabel' is akin to 'Enjoy the Silence' era Depeche Mode, 'I Wait' is like a techno version of the Danse Society and 'Orange' evokes memories of early New Order. All in all it's a coherent and thoroughly enjoyable package with the exception of a couple of instrumental dirge-fests.

If no frills 'cold wave', synth-based stormers are you particular favourite flavour of music then 'Dust on Common' will be right up your street. It could only be improved by the addition of more Germanic influences, for instance some lederhosen, bratwurst and Helga from Allo Allo on backing vocals.

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  1. What can't be improved by sprinkling it with lederhosen and bratwurst? Although currywurst and bockwurst are equally as great.