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Friday, 28 September 2012

Caitlin Rose - Piledriver Waltz

Pick of the Week 16 - Caitlin Rose

Clowns, Country & Western and The Arctic Monkeys don't sound the most appealing of bedfellows, but somehow Caitlin manages to combine all three and somehow make it sound like a match made in heaven. Take a mediocre Alex Turner song, add some slide guitar, slap on some grease paint and Bob's your Uncle; instant classic. At the moment she has a Midas Touch that Lady Gaga can only dream about. This is instantly likeable in every way, but still manages to grow on you with each listen. If I was truck driver I'd have this blaring out of the windows at full blast while eating a bacon sandwich (and a Yorkie) and shouting 'Hey blondie!' at potential hitch-hilkers. She also manages to make clowns attractive, which takes some doing. She's up there with my new buddy Mark Dacoscas as hero of the year!


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  1. If I was a truck driver I'd have this blaring out of the window at full blast while eating a full Sunday dinner with a knife and fork including all of the trimmings and condiments. Then I'd have an afternoon nap. Whilst driving.

    Clowns are terrifying and yet she is strangely attractive.

    Have you watched Brotherhood of the Wolf yet?