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Sunday, 23 September 2012

my bloody valentine - loveless

To answer my question from the 'Isn't Anything' review, my bloody valentine fully went for the shoegazing side of things. Gutted.

Some people really love this album, so if you give it a listen you may be one of those people too. I'm not that keen. It does have its moments with 'only shallow' and 'when you sleep'. The tracks that include drumming tend to be the best although the ending of 'i only said' outstays its welcome by a good four hours. Sadly there is nowhere near enough of Kevin Shields and Bilinda Butcher harmonising on this album. They both get to sing but rarely together.

It shows the quality of the album when 'soon' is one of the tracks that I actually listen to in my skipping frenzy. The worst by far - but still funny when it's put on endless repeat to torture loved ones - is 'touched'. It sounds as if a tauntaun is being repeated kicked in its middles and the resulting mewling recorded. (Another track that is great for torturing purposes is 'glider (full length version)' from the ep's 1988-1991 album: 10 minutes and 14 seconds of pure pain.)

Maybe in an alternative reality there is an album that my bloody valentine created where they took the dark path into even more excessive guitar noise coupled with gorgeous harmonies. That's the album I desperately wanted to hear, so I feel I may be being a tad harsh on 'loveless'. Rumour has it they might make another album. I'll believe it when I hear it. Fingers crossed for the alternative dimension version.


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