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Friday, 21 September 2012

Future Bible Heroes - I'm Lonely EP

Another of Stephin Merritt's incarnations that I'd never heard of, so a big thank you the Evlkeith for searching this out for me. This is Merritt in electronic disco-tastic mode, backed up by the luscious vocals of Claudia Gonson. It's not disco or dance music as we know it, but a more warped hybrid of electronica, chamber pop and inappropriate instrumentation, all wrapped up in a lyrically appealing bundle of joyfulness.

'I'm Lonely (And I Love It)' is a perverse little sing-a-long number reminiscent of the more up-tempo Magnetic Fields songs. It's worth the price of the disk for this track alone.

'My Blue Hawaii' is less immediately gratifying but the intense organ, the tribal drumming and the droning vocals all combine to form a weirdly wonderful experience in an Erasure meets Nick Cave kind of way.

'Cafe Hong Kong' is atmospheric, hypnotic and addictive. Claudia's vocals are seductively smooth and it sounds a little like Sade would have done if she'd had an ounce of originality.

'Good Thing I don't have any Feelings' is back to the Merritt we know and love. Melancholy lyrics delivered in the trademark drawl over the top of jaunty-ish beeps and blips. Are there actually discos that play this kind of stuff?

'Hopeless' is an upbeat stormer that sounds a little like St. Etienne on their better days, but with Claudia's vocals again taking centre stage.

As a five track EP it's a quality offering and a real bargain. Hopefully I can get my hands on one of their LP's now.


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