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Saturday, 15 September 2012

my bloody valentine - Isn't Anything

'Isn't Anything' - or to give it its Yorkshire translation: 'Int Owt', pronounced 'Intote' - was the debut album from my bloody valentine. As previously mentioned in these hallowed pages, it never reaches the delirious heights of 'you made me realise', but it gets close.

This album sees my bloody valentine trying to decide quite what they are: slow and shoegazy like 'Lose My Breath' and the actually quite good 'No More Sorry', or faster and rockier like '(When You Wake) You're Still In A Dream' and 'You Never Should'. Funnily enough, I prefer the speedier offerings although I've never been that keen on the single 'Feed Me With Your Kiss'. It adheres too closely to the 'you made me realise' template and comes across as a pale imitation.

As a whole the album works well with only a few skippable tracks. It also has what must be my favourite album cover of all time. My top track from 'Isn't Anything' must be 'Nothing Much To Lose'. Harsh guitars and drums but gentle harmonic voices: a match made in heaven.

In this continuing story of the history of my bloody valentine, will they stick to what they do best or will they fully embrace their shoegazing side? (I fully embraced my shoegazing side in the early 90s. Polished my shoes up to a nice shine and did some right shoegazing. But that's a different story. Just ask the judge.)



  1. I like that track you shared. My Bloody
    Valentine is probably a little too noisy for my taste in most cases. I may give their records a chance one day, and locate the quieter tracks.

  2. There are some more half decent quieter ones like 'No More Sorry'. The album 'Loveless' might be more to your liking.