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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The Brunettes - Small Town Crew

Pick of the Week 21 - The Brunettes

In downtown, scuzzy South Yorkshire we view New Zealand as a cross between Heaven, Utopia and the Lake District. It's the exact antithesis of Barnsley; it's beautiful, sophisticated and cultured. Maybe we view the place through rose coloured glasses, but the music currently produced in the country hardly shatters this dream.

The Brunettes are like a Southern hemisphere version of Belle and Sebastian with New Zealand accents. I love this song for its melancholy singalongability and their other output is equally quirky, quaint and intelligent. Band mates of occasional collaborator Princess Chelsea, they are clearly destined for underground greatness. Videos with oversized people knocking about in cities are always brilliant too, especially when our heroine has the look of an ever so slightly deranged evil pixie (in a positive way).

See the Beastie Boys 'Intergalactic' for the genre defining giant robots/monsters in a city video.


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  1. When you were on about oversized people knocking about in cities, I thought you meant something like The League of Fatties from Judge Dredd. How I laughed when I realised my mistake.