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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Celldweller - Light from a Black Star

After finding 'In Silico' hard work recently, I didn't really have high hopes for another dose of genre blurring progressive rock. It sounds like a bad idea, the cover looks pretentious, but astonishingly it's one of my favourite albums of the year.

So why does Celldweller succeed where Pendulum's output was such a clashing mish-mash of musical styles? Celldweller's head honcho, Scott Albert, manages to keep the recipe simple and uses quality ingredients. This sprawling concept album sounds like a cross between Muse, The Infected Mushrooms and video game soundtracks, with inspired lyrics thrown in for good measure. There's not a hint of The Mars Volta either, which is always a bonus.     

It's a refreshing album on so many levels. Initially it's accessible pop rock with a dub-steppy edge, but at the same time it's philosophical progressive art rock with Sci-Fi overtones that dwarf ELO and the Orb's meagre space based rock operas. This is rock music sprinkled with orchestral classicism in an similar vein to the Mushroom's take on techno, and Mr. Albert clearly knows his musical onions.

Every track is a winner, but 'Unshakeable', 'Blackstar' and 'Birthright' are all worthy of special mentions. 'Eon' however is just one of the tracks of the year; a storming assault on the senses akin to being force fed gorgeous cereal bars in a Las Vegas casino while showering in Theakston's Old Peculiar.

It's a different slant on the rock template and the fact that I've even mentioned it in the same breath as Infected Mushroom says it all. A cracking album that appeals to our shallowest senses and deepest emotions. Highly recommended.  


  1. Ahh Birthright sounds so great! I saw this blog ranking up on Technorati. I enjoy the range of music and the love for prog.

    Would you accept new music for a possible feature? My prog band just released an album in Nashville. We're a fish out of water in this town.

  2. Many thanks for the kind words.

    Would love to hear your music and we'd definitely run a feature. What's your band called? Where can I get hold of a copy.

  3. I'll gladly send you a copy. The band is called Froskull. You can reach me @: