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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Doccortex's Festive 50 2012 (30-21)

30. Gabriel Aplin - Home
Tiny little pixie Gabriel features in pick of the week with this song and the next thing you know she's got the Christmas number 1. She owes us an interview.

29. Kiran Ahluwalia - Musst Musst
It's basically Tinariwen with beautiful African vocals. Gorgeous!

 28 Joolz - Ambition
A blast from the past as Joolz recites her poetry to a backing track provided by New Model Army. It was acceptable in the eighties.

27. Mahala Baï Banda - Hora Din Mahala
If you like fiddling or tooting then you'll love this tooting and fiddling fest from Romania.


26. Amy MacDonald - A Wish for Something More
Good old Amy churns out generic Scottish folk music, possibly just for me.


25. Led Er Est - Port Isabel
Last year's number one-sters have to settle for mid-table obscurity this year. Things could have been different if they really had been German.


24. REM - Uberlin
Stipey and the boys got bullied into splitting up by the media, but still produced a cracking last album. Hopefully a solo career beckons.


23. No Blues - Wayack
Beautiful world fusion music from the Songlines Dutch Delta Sounds Compilation.

22. Veronica Falls - The Fountain
Many thanks to the Rough Trade Counter Culture album for this little gem.


21. The Brunettes - Small Town Crew
Quality New Zealand twee-core from Princess Chelsea's one time cohorts.

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  1. This really is the evening of mid-table obscurity. I've had to listen to these for ages. Here are the ones that I like (although to be honest, "like" is a bit of a stretch): Tinariwen, Mahala Baï Banda, Amy MacDonald and REM. Led Er Est were close but being German imposters definitely let them down. They can't even be bothered to go and live in Germany. I bet they've never even had a sniff of a plump bockwurst.

    So that's 4/10 = 40%. Not bad nipper. Nothing to compare with The Fall or Daughter (which has grown on me massively).