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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Doccortex's Festive 50 2012 (40-31)


40. Trentmoller - Even though you're with another girl

The best of a lacklustre bunch from the album 'Into the Great Wide Yonder'; all very cinematic but not a patch on his previous efforts.

39. Azari & III - Tunnel Vision

Old school LFO style techno lifted from the Rough Trade Counter Culture compilation.

38. Omara Portuondo - Ti Dije Quedate

The standout track from Cafe Cuba and the only one with any singalonability value.

37. The Fall - Bury

Mark E Smith's hardy perennials return with the standard issue rocking Fall track; '...composition on a fluted instrument' the highlight.

36. Grimes - Oblivion

The least dirgy song from the high pitched, helium voiced elf's 'Visions' album.

35. Panic at the Disco - The Ballad of Mona Lisa

Substandard action from former Into the Valley favourites, but proof that it's not all wilfully obscure stuff.

34. Ojos de Brujo - Ventilator R-80

Finally an Ojos de Brujo song that has something going for it, even the irritating 'rapping' at the end doesn't spoil it.

33. Daughter - Youth

Quality dark folk discovered by Daughter of Doccortex.

32. Laura Cantrell - One by One

Laura Cantrell breathes life into some proper old school country music from the legendary Kitty Wells.

31. Xeno & Oaklander - Corrupt

Scary coldwave style synth-pop from New York's premium protagonists.

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  1. Possibly the biggest surprise from this bunch is that I actually like the Fall song. My favourites would have to be Trentmoller and Omara Portuondo. Out of this evenings festivities I liked 4 out of 10 (that's 40% percentage fans) but there aren't any real stinkers.