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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Amy Macdonald – This is the Life

In a similar way to Ojos de Brujo, this is an extension to last year's review of a previous experience of the artiste’s work. ‘A Curious Thing’ was so similar in terms of my reaction that we hardly need another review. I didn’t fancy listening to it and when I eventually got round to it, Amy won me over with her honesty, talent and lack of pretention. It’s a great album if you like this kind of thing.

But apart from me, who does? It’s not hardened folk, it’s not pop music, it’s neither throwaway or particularly deep. Amy has a distinct audience problem since the demise of Pebble Mill at One. Who else in the whole world actually likes Amy Macdonald? Maybe it’s a Scottish thing. Who cares? Because I doubt Amy does.

This is her debut album and if anything it’s stronger than the follow up. Every track is a winner, but my favourites are the global single ‘This is the Life’, the quirky, upbeat ‘Poison Prince’ and the Western soundtrack-a-like of ‘Let’s Start a Band’, which definitely had the best ending of any song I’ve heard this year. The absolute classic however, is the jaunty but deceptively dark ‘A Wish for Something More.’ It’s reason enough to buy the album on its own and tells you everything you need to know about Amy Macdonald in a three minute nutshell.

 She’s globally well known and obscure at the same time. She’s up there with Caitlin Rose and Eliza Carthy as Into the Valley’s golden Girl and I’m now looking forward to giving the new album a listen at some point this year. Loving your work Amy!

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  1. I can't say that I look forward to Amy MacDonald ditties in the Festive 50 but I rather liked the one this year despite her attempts to scupper it by the inclusion of a banjo.